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First ever Wilson global ambassadors meeting took place this October 

in Chicago , hometown of Wilson headquarter.

Read more about it here

13 years old

American junior tennis player

2019 featured Wilson Revolutionaries

2019 Wilson Global Ambassador

2018 US Open Kidcaster 

2017 BNP Paribas Showdown player

2017-2018 Usta NetGeneration  



Design your custom Wilson racket.

Stand out with your personality and character on courts and get your own designed by you custom racket.

If you order brfore november 15th you will

get it by Christmas.

Linited time offer 

Order your custom racket and get clash inspired duffel bag for free.

Valid from 11/10=12/31



I have a big social media news!

i started to building free Tennis networking group and I decided to use for it new social media platform called Vero.

Vero is algorithm, ads and bots free social platform.

You might ask why do I need Vero for?

Last couple of months I have noticed that Instagram algorithms are constantly changing and that more and more my posts and post of people I follow are less and less visible for us and that accounts that use bots , paid services growing fast and are constantly featured on my feed and real people that have same passion like me and are honest are not visible or nowhere to find on my feed. 

What i want to achieve is to build tennis group , that is free and where people that love tennis can go and check new post , behind the scene posts or never seen or never published before materials.

I still plan to use Instagram as a primary social media account but Vero will be the back page where we will be able to notify everyone that there is new post on Instagram and also we can post additional materials to the Instagram post here if we need to expand it or we think there is more to show than just post on IG.


How Vero works?

Vero work like all social media platform with modern twists. You can carefully select and pick how you classify your followers in groups.You can choose between marking follower as close friend , friend or acquaintance

On you dashboard you can choose if you want to see all of your posts or just featured post , pictures or videos.Additionally one cool and new option is Intros where you can introduce your followers to your audience.

Your dashboard feed is also different than any social media.When you open it you can choose what do you want to see between photos or videos only , links or places.


On Vero we are able to share URLs links. Just cope and paste ( you cant do it on Instagram). URL link posting can be utilized when you post about new post on Instagram.

I am asking you join me and help me to build free real tennis group network. 

If you are coach , player or just love tennis , join us and give it a try.

Thank You

Jessica aka TennisMessage




The first performance tennis ball designed with 100% recyclable packaging, Triniti pushes the limits of sustainable performance. Featuring a unique octagonal paper container, the Triniti sleeve is fully recyclable after use. The ball core comprises a unique plastomer material that impressively extends ball liveliness, while STR Felt is 50% more flexible than the standard ball for more core compression and longer dwell times. Between a combination of innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

“We see Triniti as a big win for players, the industry, and importantly, our environment. While the tennis ball has not fundamentally changed over 40 years, it has contributed to landfill issues across the world.  We decided to re-engineer the ball from the inside out to be gentler on our world while not giving an inch in performance, actually enhancing it.

–Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Racquet Sports

Triniti’s core is made from a plastomer material.  This material weighs less than the traditional core of a tennis ball, which allowed Wilson product designers to thicken the core’s walls. For the player, Triniti delivers a higher degree of bounce consistency so that it can stay in play longer, and provides more control, feel and spin. Triniti maintains its “liveliness” – or fresh ball feel – four times longer than a traditional Wilson tennis ball

The second element is the felt. Wilson engineers used STR felt, which is 50% more flexible than conventional tennis ball felt. STR felt allows for more core compression and longer dwell times. For the player, this increases the time a tennis ball stays on a racket’s strings for enhanced feel and control



Take a look back at the event at ASICS Flagship store in New York celebrating the announcement of Patrick Mouratoglou as an ASICS Ambassador


20th anniversary Taste of tennis took place at NYC this summer. Take a look at this great event.


On August 22 nd on the eve of 2019 US Open Wilson hosted special event that launched 2019 collaboration between Wilson Tennis and Bape Us clothing company. 

 Event took place at the newly renovated rooftop venue The W Loft in Williamsburg.

 The main players guest that previewed the special limited design racket were Gael Monfils and Karan Khachanov.

 Wilson had invited alsom group of global brand ambassadors that included Jessica Popiol known as TennisMessage. 

 Limited edition products will be available soon.