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Do you strangle with your social campaigns or they don’t bring results you expected they would you should consider using first ever tennis niche marketing agency.

TennisMessage Prime was started by Jessica Popiol. Jessica is one of the fist and original tennis influencers in Instagram. She started Instagram @tennismessage 4 years ago when there was almost no kids showing tennis drills, practices and tennis life of junior tennis players.

You might ask why do I need and what TM Prime can offer?

First and most important You will get Jessica’s expertise and experience with social media.You might ask what is Jessica’s experience?

In 2017 Jessica was chosen to help build and start USTA program “NetGeneration”.She was working closely with USTA social media management to bring awareness of the new initiative and to bring more kids and coaches to program.She was the face of last BNP Paribas Showdown that took place in 2017 in Madison Square Garden in NYC.Jessica was also bringing online engagements to events like 2017 Cincinnati Open and 2018 US Open X Chase Art courts.

In 2018 Jessica was hired to be US Open Kidcaster. In the spun on 4 days during US Open she was operating US Open , USTA and TennisMessage accounts, reporting and interviewing tennis players and coaches.

Jessica work closely with Wilson Tennis on numerous social media campaign starting with the biggest ever Wilson campaig for new racket Clash.She also worked on promoting new Blade V7and Trinity.

Other companies Jessica worked with or helped with engagement were Sugarpova ASICS,Fila tennis and Mizuno.

Work with best in tennis niche category

You might think finding and managing influencers is an easy job. Many mistakenly think they will just find person with big following and lots of likes and they have their match.If that would be that easy everybody would succeed. Finding the right influencer is the hardest part.There is many accounts that are using bots or fake followers and likes just to boost their engagement to lure company like yours to them and to make you to pay to their services when in reality there is no real engagement for your niche. We can offer real influencers with real engagement and real likes.Beside Jessica we have group of influencers that are driven passionate and real.

You need to be careful who you are choosing to show and promote your product so you become trustworthy and wont loose money by hiring wrong people for your company.

At TM Prime we value honesty and real engagement. From micro to macro influencers all are hand picked and vetted. We offer campaigns from single influencers to mass group campaigns.We can create campaigns for you from the scratch starting with idea to managing and delivering.

We are very flexible so no matter if you need one post or full campaign , one influence or group contact us for free estimate.


Don’t wait and let’s work together on your next campaign. Contact us and and let’s work together. TennisMessage Prime can change your engagement with your customers.

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