Thank You Caroline Wozniacki

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Caroline Wozniacki just announce that she will retire after 2020 Australian Open.

Lets take a look at her career. we fiund the video of 13 year old Caroline Wozniacki.

Here is waht 13 year old Caroline was saying abut how she started playing tennis

"It started because my parents and older brother

were always playing tennis just for fun but

I wasnt allowed to play and I'd be watching

from sidelines.I really wanted to play though

so they had me play against a wall

So I would play for 2-3 hours a day because

wanted to be better than them"

Caroline was an inspiration for many many players. As a junior she had a lot of achievements and one of the biggest was winning as a 15 year old Orange Bowl , 2006 Australian Open final

In 2008 Wozniacki won her first WTA Tournamnet Nordic Light Open in Stockholm.

In 2009 US Open ahe reached the final where she evantually lost to Kim Clijsters.

She has reached US Open final in 2014

In 2018 Caroline Wozniacki won her first Grand Slam title at

Australian Open.

In 2019 Carolie just announced " I've played professionally since I

was 15 years old that time I've experience an amazing first chapter of my life ....I've accomplished everything I could ever

dream of on the court"

Caroline currently is ranked number 37th in the world.

She had 30 WTA titles and was 71 weeks on the top of the

ranking as number 1 in the world.

but it feels right and I am ready for it"

Caroline wants to focus on her family life.

Caroline said the ahe looks forward to sharig her exciting journey ahead and has already made moves off the court. She will start HArvard Business School.

Thank You Caroline for your tennis inspiration to many of us

Jessica Popiol @ TennisMessage

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