Wilson tennis global ambassadors week

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

On October 9-11 in Chicago took place first ever global Wilson tennis ambassadors week.

16 ambassadors were invited by Wilson to meet and to tour Wilson headquarter located in Chicago.

Invited ambassadors from around the world included: Jessica Popiol (@tennismessage) from USA , Alex Hunt (@alexhunttennis) from New Zealand , Anna Tang (@annatag_tennis) from Denmark , Bella Robles (@bellaserves) from USA , Christopher Trizzino (@coachchristrizzino) from USA , Gaston Raposo (@gastonraposo_) from Argentina , Gonzales (@gonandresm) from Spain ,Hary (@harrys_tennis) from South Korea , Ioannis Zozios (@ioanniszozios_) from Greece , Jayna and Joah (@jaynaandjoah) from USA,Justin Visser (@justvisser) from Australia , Luisa (Oluisaschultetiges) from Germany , Michael Blease (@michael_blease) from Northern Ireland, Stoney Cooks (@stoneycooks23) from USA and @t_tk_91 from South Korea

What started on Instagram turned into ....

What are two main things that connects all of the ambassadors?

They are proud to show on social media that they use Wilson equipment

and all of them love and are passionate about tennis.

We represent Wilson and try to show the path for others to follow and to be a part of #TeamWIlson , its not only team - we call it a Family

It all started on Instagram.

We connected , we exchanged messages ,like posts and support each other.

Did we ever thought that we will ever meet in real life? I don't think we ever thought it might happen but thanks to amazing Wilson and after lots of preparations it become reality.

We met our realness , we talked and enjoyed spending time together and most importantly we bonded.

We have bonded for life.

Wilson Global ambassadors

days in Chicago ...

On the first day,our selected group of ambassadors met at social event dinner at Chicago's favorite "Spin" ping pong club. Evening included ping pong tournament , amazing food and drinks.

Wilson's guests were staying overnight in beautiful ,located by Chicago river and in the middle of downtown Sheraton hotel.

Next day started with pleasant morning walk along the Chicago river to the headquarter of Wilson Sporting Goods corporation.Wilson office is located in beautiful skyscraper on Prudential plaza. Once you walk in you have to take elevator which will take you to a magic 6th floor. Wilson is taking whole 6th floor for it's most important operations.

After the breakfast ambassadors received detailed, almost no secrets tour around the Wilson offices. They were shown where operations for baseball , golf and most importantly tennis are happening.

Next we were split into two groups.Group that I was a part of was invited to a secret room.We were asked to not take pictures of what we see or not even to talk about what we have seen when we leave the room. All I can tell you is that we have seen so many cool,amazing and surprising things that are coming out in the future from Wilson Tennis that are breathtaking. You have to make sure to follow my social media @tennismessage and other #TeamWilson ambassadors to be one of the first ones to see new things and innovations coming out from Wilson ( and it will be lots of them in 2020)

Next room we have visited was room where we had meeting with Wilson designers and media team. We were shown how Clash campaign was born and what inspired it.We were also shown glimpse of the future campaign the team is working on now.

After productive meetings at the office it was time to do what we all love to do - play some tennis.

Weather even if it was October in Chicago was beautiful. After short walk we entered beautiful tennis courts located in close distance to Lake Michigan

We tried variety of Wilson rackets from Clash to new Blade V7 and we were able to play with 8 demos that were just blackout frames of the future tennis rackets. We also had opportunity to hit with new Triniti tennis balls and version 2 of these balls that is coming out soon.

While on courts each ambassador was also recording videos which you will be able to see soon on social media.

Friday was another special day.Our group was taken to a secret location. Location where all the test of prototypes and ideas are born and worked on - Wilson Spin Lab.That office in located in the suburbs of Chicago.

I have to tell you , if you love tennis you would love this place and people that work there. They are passionate and they could talk about what are they doing there for hours.We were shown rooms that most of us don't even know exists.

There is customization room where rackets are prepared for pro players, test rooms where frames are tested and rooms where frames of prototypes are build.

I have never seen so many cool tennis rackets that were never on the market and most of them will never be for sale. We were also shown tennis balls division and how testing and future ideas are done.

One of the coolest feature of the building is tennis court with radar and computer technology to test and measure the rackets performance when they

are in real match use.

Wilson Spin Lab

until next year.....

The overall 1st Global Wilson Ambassador Week in Chicago meeting was a huge succes.It was amazing time, Wilson is a first ever tennis company that organized something like this and pioneered this idea. By bringing people from around the world they created new friendships and new community.

You will hear often and a lot from us - Wilson Team family.Building Team Wilson community is on another level than any other tennis brands combined.

If you want to be part of us make sure to use #TeamWilson hastag on your posts and try to tag us - wilson brand ambassadors.

People that worked hard to orginized this spcial event and put their hearts and unlimited time in it deserve special Thank You and applause.

Here is a big thank you from me to Annie Safranski,Michelle Robles Alex Ritter


Wilson Spin Lab test hitting video

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